SPOTLIGHT: the positives of modelling

Despite the horror stories of models, there is a lot of good that can come from modelling too. A career where you can pay your rent from one day of work, travel the world and be celebrated for your beauty is possible - the trick is learning to protect yourself along the way in order to make the most of the potential opportunities a career in modelling holds.

The biggest bonus for models is the potential pay rates - which can range from nothing to anything. A model has the potential to make over £50,000 in one day. A regular e-commerce model may receive £800 in a day which is far from an average workers wage. This makes it possible for young models to earn potentially more than their parents! Alongside this models have the potential to receive things free of charge in return for marketing a business on Instagram, which has opened up a whole new section of work for them. Models must ensure that they understand the value of posting things online and that their social media accounts is essentially currency for brands wanting to promote online, especially remembering to tag #sponsored or #ad if they are being paid to promote something due to advertising laws.


Modelling gives people exposure through magazine, websites, billboards and social media, creating a personal brand. Publicity enhances a models overall career and can lead to a range of opportunities which can have the potential to set them up for life, such as setting up a business. Models can also network with celebrities and leaders of the fashion industry.

Working as a model also gives you the opportunity to travel the world. With the opportunity to live in fashion capitals such as Milan, Sydney and New York to work for several months, models can make friends and contacts across the world and experience different cultures. Individual jobs can also be located abroad with all expenses covered, for example a swimwear shoot in the Maldives, where the model will be flown out to the location. Clients generally will cover all expenses on jobs such as this, such as food, accommodation and other expenses such as spray tans if required.

Models are also able to see next season’s collections before anyone else - receiving an insight into upcoming trends and styles. The clothes may even be physically made on them, so they can learn how collections are created, and they may be gifted with clothes in advance of a launch.

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It’s also exciting - modelling is as far as you can get from the 9-5 office life. Every job is different in location and team, making it exciting and unpredictable. This gives models the opportunity to meet new people and create a vast network., helpful for modelling and further careers. The career can also be very flexible, where models can take long periods of time off due to no holiday restrictions - although they might be called up to work during that time! A successful model may have the option of choosing which jobs to accept and decline, a luxury many people (and models!) don’t get to experience.

Modelling can be a short lived career, however provides the opportunity to move into other areas of work and allows models some time to figure out who they are and what they want before being thrown onto the typical career ladder. As models are self-employed, they enjoy many skills including self management, professionalism and marketing - as they are literally marketing themselves every day to new potential clients. They generally have brilliant interpersonal skills, as a result of working with a wide variety of people and extreme resilience as five people touch their body as they run off catwalks in eight inch heels to get dressed in under a minute! The unpredictability of the job also equips models with the skill of adaptability, where they understand how to change their facial expression, body positions and ‘character’ depending on what the client wants.


Although certain aspects of the modelling industry need changing, there are many positives. The job can offer literally once in a lifetime opportunities and an exciting lifestyle where you never quite know what is gong to happen next - which if you know how to survive in, can be an amazing life to have.

By Catherine Neilson